Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 EATX
Written by David Lin in Enclosures on 1 August 2007. Page 2 of 6. Add A Comment


After removing all of the plastic films, we were left staring at a beautifully brushed aluminum case. The front door of the case is made of aluminum and plastic with a beautiful, black mirror finish. The front door on this case opens from the left side, which may bother some. Fortunately, however, the hinge can be easily moved to the left, enabling users to open the door from the right. This is a very simple, yet invaluable feature and it shows Cooler Master's respect of the user's preferences.

Cooler Master got one thing very right here with the Cosmos 1000 -- the ports and buttons usually found on the front panel of the case are actually found on the top of the case where it is easily accessible. There are four USB 2.0 ports, one headphone port, one microphone port, one Firewire port, and one eSATA port. All of which are pretty standard except for the eSATA port. This is something we don't see so often in cases; but is bound to become a common feature for future cases in the coming months. There are two buttons, each for power and reset with two LEDs indicating power and activity. If there were anything missing, that would be the lack of the door lock found in many cases. Many people enjoy the little bit of security that a lock on an expensive computer chassis can provide.

So how do we get into the case? Fortunately, Cooler Master made this very easy on us. There's a rectangular switch on the back that releases the case door when pulled upwards. The door will automatically fall outwards, but stays supported by the bottom of the case frame. The next thing you see about the panel is that it is covered with foam. This is where the "Performance Meets Silence" comes in. The high quality foam is there to further soundproof the case.

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