Tyan Toledo i965R S5180
Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 24 March 2007. Page 2 of 4. Add A Comment

Board Layout:

Even though the i965R is a FlexATX motherboard measuring in at a mere 228 x 190mm, none of the components on the motherboard are positioned awkwardly nor are there any areas that seem to be cramped. Along the top of the PCB is the 24-pin power connector along with a 4-pin fan connector in the upper-right corner, while running the length of the motherboard are two memory slots. These DDR2 memory slots are rated for up to 4GB of non-ECC DDR2-667/533 memory. On the bottom right hand side of the memory slots is the Q965 Northbridge. Intel's Q965 supports PCI Express x16 graphics along with onboard Intel GMA 3000 graphics, support for LGA-775 Core/Pentium/Celeron processors, and DDR2 support. Covering the Q965 is an aluminum heatsink that is secured to the motherboard PCB using an eyehole latch design.

A few centimeters south of the Q965 is the ICH8 Southbridge. The ICH8 is capable of providing up to ten USB 2.0 ports, Intel Gigabit LAN, HD audio, Quiet System Technology, Matrix Storage Technology, and six Serial ATA 2.0 ports. However, implemented on the Tyan Toledo i965R are only four SATA 2.0 ports and a possible six USB 2.0 ports. There are no IDE ports on this motherboard, which is not surprising considering the size of this motherboard. Implemented in the lower right hand corner of the motherboard are an FDD connector, BIOS chip, a single USB 2.0 header, front panel connectors, and an SMSC SCH5027 Super I/O ASIC.

At the rear of the motherboard is a single PCI Express x16 slot accompanied by one PCI slot. Also in this area of the motherboard are two Gigabit networking ASICs (Intel 82573V) and Realtek's ALC262. Near the PCI Express slot is also the BIOS battery and buzzer.

Finally we move onto the CPU socket area. The Tyan motherboard supports Pentium 4, Pentium D, and Core 2 Duo processors with a 1066/800/533MHz FSB and an LGA-775 Socket. Around the processor socket there does not appear to be any obstructions that may cause any difficulties installing an aftermarket heatsink or waterblock. While this is a FlexATX motherboard, there appears to be enough room to install most any heatsink. In the upper left hand corner of the socket is the 4-pin fan connector along with the 8-pin EPS12V motherboard power connection. At the rear of the motherboard are the PS/2 ports, serial, onboard D-Sub VGA, four USB 2.0, two 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and three audio ports.

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