OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 11 September 2006. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

OCZ Technology is definitely popular with computer enthusiasts for their system and flash memory modules from the GX XTC DDR2 to the Special Ops Edition memory, but how well is OCZ able to engineer cooling contraptions? Earlier this year at the 2006 CES expo they delivered word on the Cryo-Z, which was their first stab at creating a retail phase-change cooler to satisfy the extreme needs of die-hard overclockers. The Cryo-Z has yet to be delivered to the retail sector but recently OCZ Technology had delivered its new air CPU cooler: the OCZ Tempest. The OCZ Tempest offers a pure copper base, four heatpipes, and pure aluminum fins while supporting all major AMD and Intel sockets.


· For Sockets AMD 939/940/AM2, Intel 775/478
· Pure Copper base plate (Titanium coated) and four heat pipes
· Pure Aluminum fins for ultimate durability
· Weight (w/out fan) 580g


OCZ Technology had gone with a plastic packaging design for its Tempest CPU cooler. The general features and specifications for the heatsink are listed on the rear of the packaging. The items included with the Tempest heatsink is the 92mm blue LED fan, mounting hardware for all major CPU sockets, user's manual, and thermal compound. The sockets supported by the Tempest include the AMD Socket 939/940 and AM2; on the Intel side of things is LGA-775 and Socket 478. Unfortunately, the included thermal compound is not neatly as nice as Arctic Silver 5.

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