ASUS WL-500g Premium
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 6 September 2006. Page 3 of 4. Add A Comment


While wireless routers cannot be as easily benchmarked as say a motherboard or graphics card, a great deal of testing is involved during our network testing at Phoronix. The first step in our testing after we had everything powered up was to check out the administrative interface. Launching the web interface for our first time, we were intrigued by the color scheme for the interface and the number of options certainly impressed us. As the ASUS user manual is well documented, and all of the options are self-explanatory, we will refrain from commenting on all of the areas. Below, however, are screenshots from the main pages.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the firmware for the ASUS WL-500g Premium is completely open-source and complies with the GNU GPL. The package weighs in at approximately 140MB. Unfortunately, the number of included web camera drivers is limited, but with the software being open-source, additional support can likely be added. Overall we were very pleased by the administrative interface for the ASUS WL-500g router.

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