NZXT Precise 650W
Written by Michael Larabel in Power Supplies on 9 August 2006. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment


Glancing over the NZXT Precise 650W, its casing was very attractive. The surface is quite reflective though it is quick to attract fingerprints. On the rear of the power supply there is the power connector as well as the power switch. Rather than using an exhaust fan, the entire end is coated in a diagonal mesh. As the NZXT Precise uses Active Power Factor Correction no 115/230V switch is needed. On the bottom of the power supply is a 120mm intake fan. This fan also happens to contain blue LEDs.

The sticker on the side of the NZXT Precise shows the maximum Wattage and Amperage for all of the voltage rails. Opening up the NZXT Precise 650W, inside all of the power circuitry is relatively well laid out. Inside of the power supply are two large aluminum heatsinks.

The NZXT Precise bundles in all of the needed 4-pin molex and Serial ATA power connections. The power supply also uses a 20+4 pin motherboard connector. Two 6-pin PCI Express connectors can also be found on the Precise 650W for SLI usage. NZXT claims that this power supply is certified by NVIDIA for Scalable Link Interface usage; however, at the time of writing we have yet to see this model appear on NVIDIA's official list. The PCI Express and motherboard cables are also sleeved.

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