Enermax Marathon Enlobal Fan
Written by Andros Lee in Peripherals on 10 July 2006. Page 4 of 7. Add A Comment

The four arcs have a lip and it is responsible for holding the blades to the unit in a very secure fashion. We do not see any way for the bladed area to fall out of the fan while operating, or ever for that matter unless the lipped area was intentionally damaged, it was almost locked in there. This can also be good so that the fan blades will not fall off when transporting the computer (such as to a LAN party).

The four spools of copper wire is something that is standard in all fans, and well all motors. These spools are responsible for making the fan spin around and are nothing special as usual. Now if you look at the bladed part of the fan you will see two things, a metal pole sticking out, and a flexible magnet around the inner wall of the circular base. The central metal pole is what goes in the middle and the lip holds onto this keeping it in the fan. Now on the box picture it also says there is a magnet in the middle of the fan center also holding it down to the base.

The flexible magnet around the inside of the center bladed area is the other component that helps the fan rotate. This is another part of the fan that is typical to all fan construction, no innovation needed here.

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