Enermax Marathon Enlobal Fan
Written by Andros Lee in Peripherals on 10 July 2006. Page 3 of 7. Add A Comment

Magnetic-barometric bearings might sound magical, but it is a simple idea that is responsible for this fan's silent operation. Let's break the words down to understand what it all means, "Magnetic" ok so there are magnets or magnetic forces somewhere here, "barometric" a barometer measures pressure, so this probably has something to do with pressure. Putting it together, we have "magnetic-pressure bearings", magnets or magnetic fields are the bearings that hold this fan in place.

So when we took the fan and started to take it apart like it said to on the box (it looked like it should just pop right out), we were stuck at first. We began pushing gently but it would not go, and even after more force, it still would not budge! Finally we felt like it was going to break from the motor, but it came off. It was secured to the case very well! The purpose of removing the fan blades can be for cleaning, and like chores.

After putting it back on and removing it a couple of times, we found out that it was easiest to get off if you use two thumbs to push it off (and position those thumbs on either side of the center, near the base of each fan blade) and it should come off without feeling like you are going to destroy it. If you look at the picture of the case, you will see in the very center a circular plastic part that is separated into four arcs.

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