Enermax Marathon Enlobal Fan
Written by Andros Lee in Peripherals on 10 July 2006. Page 2 of 7. Add A Comment


Ok, so before we can really go any further, we need to find out what in the world is Enlobal (and no, it is not englobal like Google suggests). While the word does not hold any special meaning, and is probably just the name of the bearing type, the bearings are described as "magnetic-barometric". If we look on the back of the fan's box and ask it what Enlobal is, it shows the following:

Now if this picture, magnets, flux, or other things have you a bit confused and wondering what Dr. Emmet Brown is doing fraternizing with a computer company for merchandizing rights on his flux capacitor you have the wrong idea.

In the previous picture (the one of the box), it has some nice blue areas it labels as "magnetic flux" . Magnetic flux itself is a measure of the magnetic field through a surface by multiplying the field strength times the area... that is getting a bit specific. All you need to know is that there are magnetic fields here to either hold the fan in place, or to help it rotate. The magnetic fields used to make the fan rotate is nothing new. If you took apart a fan made back in the 1950's it would still use the same general idea, but it may be sporting some nice lead paint chips to keep you busy.

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