Everglide S-500 Gaming Headphones
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 16 April 2006. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

While headphones and other audio devices are not our primary focus at Phoronix, on a product-to-product basis we sometimes accept the offer to look at such products. What we will be looking at this time around is the S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones from Everglide. For those that are unfamiliar with Everglide, they began their work in 1997 by designing and manufacturing enhanced gaming peripherals. Everglide's present focus is on providing gaming surfaces, mice, headphones, and mouse feet. The S-500 Headphones we are trying out in this article utilizes optimal noise isolation, enhanced audio positioning, gaming frequency response, and are designed for comfort.

The S-500 headphones look nice, but are they cheap stereo headphones? We will find out in this review.


· Ultra-light Membrane for Instantaneous Audio Response
· Optimal Noise Isolation
· Enhanced Audio Positioning and Gaming Frequency Response
· Designed for Comfort and Extended Wear
· 20Hz - 20,000Hz Frequency Response
· Dynamic Transducer
· 16ohm Nominal Impedance
· 102dB Maximum Sound Pressure


Opening up the Everglide S-500 package, inside we were left with an optional lapel microphone, the actual headphones, and then an Everglide cloth bag. The bag itself is designed to store the headphones while transporting them (most likely to a LAN gaming event), and while it does not provide much in the way of protection from the headphones from being damaged, it is a safeguard to protect them from other elements. All of the relevant specifications and features were printed on the exterior of the packaging.

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