KickButtComputers Signature Combat Chassis
Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 16 September 2005. Page 3 of 6. Add A Comment

On the front of the chassis, is one of two areas on the case that isn’t accompanied by a wealth of display features. On the front, are simply the two optical drives and the legacy floppy disk drive, all three of which covers are black. The power and reset switches along with the respective front panel LEDs are found in the lower right hand side of the clear chassis. As you can see from the numerous pictures, the 80mm fan grills used are quite different from the traditional chrome-plated circular fan grills but rather consist of four spaced .308 caliber bullets placed vertically across the hole. These rare fan grills blend quite nicely in the combat/military theme to the case and are custom made by KickButtComputers. Beneath the 80mm front intake fan are the USB 2.0 and audio connectors along with a KickButtComputers moniker.

The second, and final, area on the KickButtComputers chassis that is quite bare happens to be the rear of the chassis. At the end are the traditional PSU output, motherboard I/O panel, expansion slots, and fan exhaust. Unlike the two fan grills on the side and front intake, the exhaust uses a traditional-looking fan grill, as the rear of the computer is often less exposed to viewers so its appearance isn't as much of a concern. The 80mm fan however, that is used for exhaust is a Sunbeamtech Silent Anodized LED Fan. Other than the connectors from the motherboard and various peripheral cards, also on the rear of the chassis are the controls for the case lighting, which was a black rocker switch.

Onto the final area of interest for discussion the remaining side panel which acts as the motherboard-mounting tray. On this side of the chassis, is simply a small arsenal of diamond-plated weapons. Overall, we were most impressed by the attention to detail and continuation of the military combat theme used throughout the entire case. Looking at the case, there really wasn’t any area of the case that we hadn’t enjoyed for its stunning appearance, but of course this largely depends upon personal preference.

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