KickButtComputers Signature Combat Chassis
Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 16 September 2005. Page 2 of 6. Add A Comment

On the top of the chassis, covering a majority of the surface area is the diamond plating while precisely cut into the metal is an M16 military rifle with an infantry helmet atop the butt of the rifle, similar to what is found on makeshift soldier burial sites. The attention to detail of everything from the Government Issue helmet to rifle is very specific when it comes to the detail in all respects. Also on the top side of the chassis is one of the Phoronix customizations when it comes to our name being branded across the edge.

On the left hand side of the ATX chassis, which is opened when accessing the internal components, is a large camouflage military helmet that takes up a majority of the area. Although it can be conceivably hard to emulate the camouflage look when using a single color combination, let alone using metal, KickButtComputers managed to achieve the same effect thanks to the laser cutting abilities by using random lines that are only millimeters thick and are carried out throughout the entire helmet; the best explanation of how they carried this out can be seen in the pictures. Below the helmet, while still being surrounded by the diamond plating, is an 80mm side intake fan. As the work done is all custom, and taking into effect the size of the helmet and overall theme of the chassis, the 80mm intake fan had to be moved marginally toward the front of the case, which means the fan is pointing more towards the Southbridge area rather than at the graphics expansion slots or hard drives. Finishing off the side panel and spanning the bottom edge is the unique KickButtComputers serial ID as well as the logo. One of the smaller features we enjoyed about the chassis was not their over branding, unlike some manufacturers who enjoy being a bit excessive with placing their logos all over their products, the only reference to the manufacturer is found on this side panel and moniker on the front bezel, which is always nice when keeping to a set theme and a minimum number of distractions. On the inside of the case, is a replica M16 rifle and helmet, designed exclusively for KickButtComputers.

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