Hiper Type-R Modular 580W
Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 3 September 2005. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment


The finish of this power supply is very impressive. All of their Type-R models feature a mirror-like finish paint job. Our particular unit is finished in a metallic blue. The Type-R has one chrome 120mm intake fan and one chrome 80mm exhaust fan in the back. When the unit is turned on, the power supply fans are illuminated with blue LED’s and create a very nice effect. Most of the casing is also made of mesh to provide maximum airflow and assist with cooling this 580W beast. Inside the power supply the heatsinks are fairly large as are the internal components, and the layout inside is very clean and well laid out. Size and weight does tell a lot about a power supply, and while this unit is not as heavy as one of our Fortron 530W units, it does come pretty close.

Going on with the included cables, all of them were coated with UV blue sleeving. The 4-pin molex have the EZ-grip connectors that make plugging and unplugging molex connectors much less painful. For this particular unit, the most unique feature is the method of attachment of the cables to the power supply. Hiper has come up with a very innovative way of connecting the cables. The cables are first plugged into the unit, and then the fastening ring around the cable must be pushed down and screwed on to the unit. This makes a very secure connection with the power supply and each cable has only one orientation that can be plugged in so there won't be any mistakes or accidents involving rotated cables. As for the sound levels of this unit, we were very impressed as even with the additional 80mm fan, the PSU was virtually silent with both fans running at very low RPMs.

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