Antec Smart Power 2.0 500W
Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 24 August 2005. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment


As we hadn't specifically done any research on the Antec Smart Power before it arrived, we were pleasantly surprised with the sleeving job on the cables. Each of the cables was sleeved and even the main 24-pin power connector. Antec included two serial ATA cables (2 connectors each), two PCI-E connectors, two standard molex cables (3 connectors each), and a 4-pin floppy adapter cable with two connectors. On the power supply there are slots for four cables. This means you can use only four of the previously listed cables at any given time. This is a rather large problem because it limits you to various combinations of cables. For example if you run SLI, two slots will already be taken for the two PCI-E connectors. The other two you can fill with two more of the remaining. This is less of a problem if the user has only IDE hard drives, but any more than four SATA hard drives will leave no room for any 4-pin molex whatsoever. This is obviously not a good thing. For users that are normal with their computing habits it should be fine however.

The power supply itself is rather plain. There is no sort of special paint job or anything unlike the many power supplies on the market today. It seems to be the normal steel casing. The sleeved 24-pin connector, the 4-pin 12V ATX connector, and a 2-pin fan speed lead are the only cables that are undetectable. The 24-pin connector also pops off and converts into a 20-pin connector for those who are still using 20-pin motherboards.

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