Tyan Tomcat i7221A
Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 20 July 2005. Page 3 of 7. Add A Comment


As Tyan motherboards are designed for workstation and server environments, the Phoenix Award BIOS on this motherboard is rather basic. The available options are Standard CMOS Features. Advanced BIOS Features, Advanced Chipset Features, Integrated Peripherals, Power Management Setup, PnP/PCI Configurations, PC Health Status, and Frequency/Voltage Control. Going through the different options, all of the settings remained very much standard compared to other Tyan motherboards that utilize a Phoenix Award BIOS. On the Frequency/Voltage Control page, the CPU clock can be adjusted from 200 to 255 MHz. The CPU Voltage Regulator can be adjusted from -50.0 mV to +50.0 mV, with 12.5 mV increments. Although this isn't a motherboard designed for overclockers, it is unfortunate to see no possible adjustments for changing the DDR voltage. Like usual, the DDR timings can be tweaked from the Advanced Chipset Features page.

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