CaseAce GearGrip LCD Shield Harness
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 15 July 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

With computer enthusiasts spending thousands of dollars to construct a high-end system to handle all of their favorite games, it's generally in their best interest that they protect their investment when transporting the computer. Although you could quite easily construct your own carrying case, as some enthusiasts do, in most instances, it would be quite heavy depending upon the material and it would simply be a pain to lug around with you. However, GearGrip has been at the game of creating computer harnesses for quite some time. Currently, their product selection consists of everything from a notebook travel harness to an LCD monitor harness to micro LT chassis support. Not only do these GearGrip products generally make it much easier to transport your equipment from one location to another, due to the handles, they're also known to do a damn good job at also protecting the actual equipment. The GearGrip item we have in front of us today is the LCD Shield Harness.


· Triple shield protects display surface
· Premium soft-grip handle
· Accessory pocket for power supply and cord
· Adjustable shoulder strap included


Like with previous GearGrip products, the LCD Shield Harness continues to skip over on any retail packaging and simply packages the product in a plastic bag. Attached to the harness was a small cardboard tag, which stated the construction of the LCD shield, the three available sizes, and other key features. Also included with the unit is an adjustable shoulder strap. Other than that, the packaging was very simplistic and we found no manufacturing defects when examining the item.

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