Ultra Products X-Finity 600W Titanium
Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 26 March 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

Today’s top of the line machines demand more and more power almost every month. Power supply companies consistently release ever more powerful and more PSUs. Only months ago a 600W power supply would be total overkill for a system. Now 600 Watts is almost normal for any high-end machine built within the past couple of months. There are even some 850 watt power supplies out on the market today for users running SLi. Recently Ultra has also stepped up and released a 600W power supply named X-Finity. Other X-Finity models on the market also come in MS blue, black, and even red. They also come in 500W and 600W flavors with the choice of having PSU side windows. Compared to veterans like Antec, PC Power & Cooling, and Fortron/Sparkle Power, Ultra is relatively new to the power supply market. How does their latest product perform? Let’s find out.


· Supports Pentium 4 and AMD CPUs
· Low Acoustic Noise
· Meets ATX Version 2.03 and ATX 12V Version 1.2 Specifications
· Short Circuit Protection
· In-Rush Current Protection
· Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection
· MTBF >100,000 Hours at Full Load, 110VAC and 25°C Ambient Condition
· FCC and UL Approved
· Features two Serial ATA Drive Connectors
· Dual 80mm Fans


Inside the packaging we found a 20-pin to 24-pin motherboard power adapter, a power cord, a bag of screws, and the power supply itself. A user's manual was also included.

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