Scythe Silent Box
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 17 March 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

With more businesses and home users moving to paperless management systems, whether it be to cut costs, indexing advantages, environmental reasons, or simply the ease of use; more people are turning to computers to house their important data. With the advent of larger and faster hard drives to store all of this data, noise and heat from these drives are just things we need to deal with… or is it? Luckily the folks at Scythe have jumped on board like the other cooling manufacturers and have begun to offer new devices to tame your growling drive in both noise level and temperature. Up on the testing block today, we have the Scythe Silent Box SBX-1000 that features Heatlane technology, compatibility with PATA/SATA drives, and support for hard drives up to 10,000 RPMs.


Dimensions: 144 x 211 x 41 mm
Connector: Ready for Serial & Parallel ATA
Cooling: Heatlane Plate
Material: NB & BR Rubber Case & Aluminum Cover
Weight: 840 grams
· Dual Structured Rubber Case
· Powered by Heatlane Technology
· Compatible up to 10,000rpm


Removing the contents from the small Scythe packaging, we found the actual Silent Box device, power extension cables, two gel sheets, a bag of screws, and an installation guide. Two power extension cables are included; one for traditional PATA power connectors while the other is used for newer SATA drives. The two gel sheets are meant to be attached to the bottom of the hard drive and to transfer the heat to the Heatlane as a thermal interface material would on a heatsink.

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