Intel OpenGL Performance Across 11 Linux Distributions
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 27 November 2017. Page 2 of 3. 12 Comments

First up was the ET: Legacy open-source project that continues to advance the old RTCW: Enemy Territory game. Between the slowest Linux distribution and fastest was a nearly ten frame difference. Clear Linux came in at 59 FPS while the next fastest distributions were at 55 FPS. CentOS 7 with its older graphics stack was understandably the slowest.

Seven of the Linux distributions scored within two frames of each other for the OpenArena open-source game with Manjaro and Debian coming in at 36 FPS while the slowest was openSUSE.

The OpenArena frame times across the different distributions...

Tesseract didn't run on all of the Linux distributions due to errors, but where it was working fine out-of-the-box, the results were fairly close to each other.

With Xonotic at low image quality settings the Kabylake HD Graphics are certainly playable. CentOS 7 was the slowest with a 104 FPS average while Clear Linux was the fastest at 126 FPS.

The spread was much narrower when pushing the Core i5 7600K system to high quality graphical effects in Xonotic.

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