LLVMpipe Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4.0

The LLVMpipe Gallium3D driver that provides a software/CPU-based OpenGL implementation for running on systems as a fallback path when no GPU / hardware OpenGL driver is available, a vendor-neutral path for debug purposes, and similar use-cases, now has OpenGL 4.0 support.

120 Minutes Ago - Mesa - OpenGL 4.0 For LLVMpipe - 3 Comments

1 July

The Dark Mod 2.08 Released As One Of The Few Games Powered By Open-Source id Tech 4

There is finally a new release out of The Dark Mod, the original total conversion mod for Doom 3 that transformed into its own standalone game powered by the open-source id Tech 4 engine. This remains the lone flagship example of the open-source id Tech 4 game engine in action by the community (besides the DHEWM3 / RBDOOM-3-BFG engine work) with ioDoom3 having never taken off like ioquake3.

1 July 11:31 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - The Dark Mod 2.08 - 4 Comments

30 June

Fedora Looks To Introduce The Storage Instantiation Daemon

As one of the last minute change proposals for Fedora 33 is to introduce the Red Hat backed Storage Instantiation Daemon "SID" though at least for this first release would be off by default. The Storage Instantiation Daemon is one of the latest storage efforts being worked on by Red Hat engineers.

30 June 04:09 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora SID - 4 Comments
Fedora Looking To Offer Better Upstream Solution For Hiding/Showing GRUB Menu

Fedora for the past few releases doesn't show the GRUB boot-loader menu by default when only Fedora is installed on the system as there is little purpose for most users and it just interrupts the boot flow. But for those wanting to access the GRUB bootloader menu on reboot, they offer integration in GNOME to easily reboot into this menu. The other exception is the menu will be shown if the previous boot failed. This functionality has relied on downstream patches but now they are working towards a better upstream solution.

30 June 12:01 AM EDT - Fedora - Boot Menu Toggling - 39 Comments

29 June

Zink GL-On-Vulkan Driver Approaching OpenGL 3.1 Support

Zink is the generic OpenGL over Vulkan driver that has been in development as part of Mesa's Gallium3D code. It was just earlier this month that Zink achieved OpenGL 3.0 support and now it looks like OpenGL 3.1 will soon be flipped on.

29 June 07:30 PM EDT - Mesa - Zink OpenGL 3.1 - 12 Comments
AMD Publishes AMDGPU UVD Firmware For Southern Islands

Recently AMD posted UVD video decode support for GCN 1.0 with the AMDGPU driver, one of the long holdouts for letting the AMDGPU DRM driver approach feature parity with the longstanding Radeon DRM driver that is the default for GCN 1.0/1.1 era GPUs. That AMDGPU UVD GCN 1.0 decode support is going into the Linux 5.9 kernel later this summer after years ago Radeon driver developers largely dismissed the efforts of porting the UVD decode capability for these original GCN graphics cards over to AMDGPU.

29 June 04:24 PM EDT - Radeon - AMDGPU UVD SI - 45 Comments
AMD EPYC 7F72 Performance On A Linux FSGSBASE-Patched Kernel

Slated for Linux 5.9 is finally mainlining the FSGSBASE patches that have been floating around the kernel mailing list for years. Testing last week showed the tentative x86/fsgsbase patches helping Intel Xeon Linux performance but with AMD also supporting this instruction set extension going back to Bulldozer, how is it looking on the likes of AMD? Here are some benchmarks.

29 June 11:20 AM EDT - Software - 6 Comments
Linux 5.8 Bringing Some Performance Boosts For AMD Renoir Graphics

Over the weekend I began running some benchmarks of the Linux 5.8 development kernel on the Lenovo Flex 5 laptop with Ryzen 5 4500U. One of the standouts so far for from this Linux 5.8 testing compared to the stable 5.6/5.7 kernel series is better Radeon graphics performance with the Renoir laptop.

29 June 09:50 AM EDT - AMD - Ryzen 5 4500U Testing - 9 Comments
Linux 5.9 Likely To See USB4 Support Improvements

Linux 5.6 brought initial USB4 support that primarily was starting things off by basing things off the existing Thunderbolt 3 support in the kernel for which this latest USB standard is based. For the Linux 5.9 kernel later this summer it's looking like there will be further work on getting Linux's USB4 support into good shape ahead of hardware appearing in the months ahead.

29 June 06:55 AM EDT - Hardware - USB4 + Linux 5.9 - 3 Comments

28 June

RISC-V UEFI Linux Support Under Review

Following Linux's UEFI code getting cleaned up earlier this year in preparation for RISC-V support being added and then some early RISC-V UEFI patches, a more comprehensive set of patches for enabling UEFI support on RISC-V under Linux have been sent out.

28 June 12:09 AM EDT - RISC-V - RISC-V + UEFI - 8 Comments

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