Linux 5.17 To Boast Latency Optimization For AF_UNIX Sockets

Net-next has been queuing a number of enticing performance optimizations ahead of the Linux 5.17 merge window kicking off around the start of the new year. Covered already was a big TCP optimization and a big improvement for csum_partial() that is used in the network code for checksum computation. The latest optimization is improving the AF_UNIX code path for those using AF_UNIX sockets for local inter-process communication.

28 November 07:14 AM EST - Linux Kernel - AF_UNIX Optimization - 11 Comments
Facebook/Meta Tackling Transparent Page Placement For Tiered-Memory Linux Systems

Back during the Linux 5.15 cycle Intel contributed an improvement for tiered memory systems where less used memory pages could be demoted to slower tiers of memory storage. But once demoted that kernel infrastructure didn't have a means of promoting those demoted pages back to the faster memory tiers should they become hot again, though now Facebook/Meta engineers have been working on such functionality.

28 November 05:43 AM EST - Hardware - Handling Hot Pages - 7 Comments

27 November

Intel Preparing USI Stylus Support For Linux

Intel open-source driver engineers have been working on USI stylus support for the Linux kernel. The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) aims to offer interoperability of active styluses across touchscreen devices.

27 November 09:12 AM EST - Hardware - Universal Stylus Initiative - 7 Comments
KDE Squashes Many "Annoying" Bugs As It Works To Improve The Desktop's Reliability.

KDE developers are trying to ensure the reliability of their desktop environment and thus they have recently begun a renewed effort on bug fixing. There is also talk of starting a KDE initiative focused on "15 minute bugs" for "embarrassing" issues that can be easily found within minutes. In any event, this week saw a lot of bug fixing in the KDE world.

27 November 05:12 AM EST - KDE - KDE Bug Fixing - 47 Comments

26 November

Intel Compute-Runtime Updated With DG2/Alchemist Support

Intel's open-source engineers today released the Compute-Runtime 21.47.21710 as their latest update to this open-source compute stack for Linux systems enabling their graphics processors to enjoy performant OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero support.

26 November 11:56 AM EST - Intel - Compute Runtime - 4 Comments

25 November

FUTEX2 futex_waitv Wired Up For Other Architectures With Linux 5.16-rc3

FUTEX2 as in the new futex_waitv system call landed in Linux 5.16 back during the merge window for improving the efficiency of running Windows games on Linux for those that rely on Windows' WaitForMultipleObjects functionality with futex_waitv is now the ability to wait on multiple futexes. That new system call is now supported on more architectures with the next Linux 5.16 release candidate.

25 November 07:19 PM EST - Linux Gaming - FUTEX2 - 23 Comments

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