Windows 10 Build 21370 vs. Ubuntu 21.04 Linux On AMD Ryzen 5900X

Last month when carrying out tests of Windows 10 vs. Linux on the Intel Core i9 11900K "Rocket Lake" processor we were very surprised to see Windows 10 frankly performing so well compared to Ubuntu and picking up more wins than usual. That unexpectedly strong showing for Windows 10 might be due to Intel's P-State behavior with Rocket Lake or other power management tuning or there the lack of on Linux at this time. But it led me to wondering if the latest Windows 10 updates spelled out anything different on the AMD Ryzen side... So here are some benchmarks of the latest Microsoft Windows 10 against Ubuntu 21.04 on the same AMD Ryzen 9 5900X system.

7 May 01:52 PM EDT - Operating Systems - 16 Comments
Linux 5.13 Yanks A NVIDIA NVLink Driver For Lack Of Open-Source User

The VFIO changes for the Linux 5.13 kernel aren't particularly exciting this cycle but one of the changes does raise some eyebrows with the VFIO NVIDIA NVLink2 driver being removed. This driver is being removed as it shouldn't have been even added in the first place for lack of an open-source client/user exercising it.

7 May 06:14 AM EDT - NVIDIA - VFIO NVLink2 - 21 Comments

6 May

Qt 6.1 Released With More Modules Ported To Qt6

Qt 6.1 is out today as the second major feature release to Qt6 following its stable introduction at the end of last year. Ahead of Qt 6.2 being the first planned Long-Term Support release later this year, Qt 6.1 brings more Qt5 modules over and other improvements in making Qt6 more viable.

6 May 07:08 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 6.1 - 3 Comments

5 May

GCC, GNU Toolchain Finally Working To Establish CI/CD For Better Reliability

For a project as large and complex as the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) one would reasonably have assumed that it would have setup continuous integration / continuous delivery support years ago for helping to ensure the reliability of this widely-used open-source compiler and the GNU Toolchain at large. But that's actually only happening now in 2021.

5 May 01:39 PM EDT - GNU - Continuous Integration - 18 Comments

4 May

A Fresh Take On Speculative Page Faulting Aims For The Mainline Kernel

Over the years there have been a number of rounds of patches published for speculative page faulting. The goal has been to support user-space page-faults without holding the memory management semaphores and to ultimately allow for better performance especially with threaded workloads. A fresh take on the speculative page faulting (SPF) functionality was recently volleyed on the kernel mailing list.

4 May 07:30 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Speculative Page Faulting - 2 Comments
Mesa Fixes Up The Recent L3 Cache Pinning Rework

Going on for a few years now has been some Mesa optimizations for AMD Ryzen CPUs and in particular L3 cache optimizations. There is now a fix to re-enable this support after it was mistakenly broken earlier this year.

4 May 06:26 AM EDT - Mesa - Fixes L3 Cache Pinning - Add A Comment

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