openSUSE Leap 15.3 Beta Begins

OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 Alpha started rolling out in December while today the beta builds have begun for this next openSUSE Leap installment.

5 Hours Ago - SUSE - openSUSE Leap 15.3 - 6 Comments

2 March

That Linux 5.12 Severe Data Corruption Bug Hits Intel CI Systems - Issue Caused By Swap File

Last week I issued a warning of possible data loss on the early Linux 5.12 kernel code that was reliably leaving my test systems severely corrupted. Intel's internal graphics test systems it turns out have now been bitten by this issue in encountering this significant file-system corruption and as such they've been quick to jump on the issue - there's now an idea what's causing the nasty issue and a workaround by reverting select patches.

2 March 01:43 PM EST - Linux Kernel - Intel Hit By Data Corruption - 28 Comments
Intel Looking To Upstream A Proper SPIR-V Compute Back-End For LLVM

It's been talked about many times from various parties but so far has remained elusive from the mainline LLVM code-base: a SPIR-V back-end for LLVM that would go from LLVM into this Khronos intermediate representation most notably used by OpenCL and Vulkan drivers. Intel engineers are stepping up and hope to help get a proper SPIR-V back-end upstreamed into LLVM.

2 March 08:46 AM EST - Intel - LLVM To SPIR-V - 2 Comments
SDL2 Lands Native PipeWire Support

While SDL2-enabled games/applications can already work on PipeWire-based systems like the forthcoming Fedora Workstation 34 thanks to the PulseAudio compatibility layer, the SDL2 library has merged initial support for interfacing with PipeWire.

2 March 12:00 AM EST - Linux Gaming - SDL + PipeWire - 41 Comments

1 March

AES-NI XTS Crypto Performance Looking Good For AMD With Linux 5.12 Fix

Of the performance-related changes with Linux 5.12 worth noting is faster AES-NI XTS performance for systems relying upon return trampolines "Retpolines" as part of the CPU's Spectre V2 mitigations. On the Intel side this primarily impacts older CPUs where Retpolines is still used while on the AMD side through Zen 3 the Retpolines is still relied upon, which as shown by these benchmarks is now much better off for AMD Ryzen AES XTS performance as measured by Cryptsetup.

1 March 04:26 PM EST - AMD - AES-NI XTS - 5 Comments
There's Finally An Easy Way To Track Mesa's OpenCL Support

While Mesa is most well known for providing OpenGL and Vulkan open-source drivers on Linux systems, via the "Clover" Gallium3D state tracker is also maturing support for OpenCL. But until now it hasn't been straight-forward to track the state of Mesa's OpenCL supported versions and extensions.

1 March 01:00 AM EST - Mesa - Mesa OpenCL Features - 16 Comments

28 February

Linux 5.12 Features Intel Xe VRR, Nintendo 64 Port + Clang LTO + Much More

The Linux 5.12 merge window was off to a rough start due to winter storms preventing Linus Torvalds from merging changes for nearly one week, but in any case he appears to have caught up and the Linux 5.12-rc1 kernel is expected later today to end out the merge window. Here is a look at the many exciting changes coming for Linux 5.12.

28 February 10:30 AM EST - Software - 9 Comments
Xilinx Volleys Latest Open-Source Alveo Accelerator Driver Code

Back in March 2019 Xilinx announced they were looking to upstream their Alveo FPGA accelerator drivers into the mainline kernel code. They followed through with posting the initial kernel patches and then fast forward to the end of 2020 they posted a new iteration of the patches. This month the company, which is in the process of being acquired by AMD, posted the third iteration of their open-source Linux kernel driver patches.

28 February 07:09 AM EST - Hardware - XRT Alveo Driver v3 - Add A Comment
Apple Touch Bar Linux Driver Hopes For Upstream In 2021

For more than four years Apple's MacBook Pro has featured the Touch Bar as a display / control bar input device above the keyboard on these laptops. While there have been reports of Apple potentially phasing out the Touch Bar in future models, an open-source Linux driver for the component is still working its way toward the mainline kernel.

28 February 06:25 AM EST - Hardware - Touch Bar - 12 Comments

27 February

KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools, Many Crash Fixes

KDE developers have been wrapping up February with a number of new command line tools being worked on for applying various cosmetic changes to the desktop. There have also been many crash fixes addressed in recent days.

27 February 06:02 AM EST - KDE - KDE Improvements - 11 Comments

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