Tiger Lake + Renoir On Ubuntu Linux For Battery vs. AC Performance

Given the recent Intel presentation alleging AMD Ryzen laptop performance being worse on battery relative to the AC vs. battery performance seen with Intel EVO notebooks featuring Tiger Lake processors, I ran a mini comparison on my side to see whether there is any merit to Intel's information when testing under Ubuntu Linux.

11 Hours Ago - Computers - 29 Comments
Linux READFILE System Call Revived Now That It Might Have A User

Earlier this year we mentioned Greg Kroah-Hartman working on a new READFILE system call. The goal of this new syscall is for reading small and medium files more efficiently by having one call to read a file straight into a buffer without having to use the separate open/read/close system calls. It's looking like that system call is back on the table and could be mainlined now that there's a possible user.

14 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - READFILE - 18 Comments
WireGuard For Windows Updated With Improved Installer, ARM/ARM64 Support

WireGuard's adoption continues growing with it recently having the accomplishments of being back-ported to Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, coming to Android 12, upstreamed into OpenBSD, and other accomplishments this year. The WireGuard developers have now also updated their port of this secure VPN tunnel technology for Micrsoft Windows.

22 Hours Ago - Microsoft - WireGuard For Windows 0.3 - 3 Comments

23 November

Valve Now Funding Blumenkrantz - Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan To Continue

Longtime open-source developer Mike Blumenkrantz who has been an Enlightenment developer for many years and was working for Samsung's Open-Source Group prior to its demise jumped into the open-source Linux graphics world this year. While being unemployed he began hacking on the Zink Gallium3D code that allows generic OpenGL acceleration over the Vulkan API. He quickly got the code to the point of OpenGL 4.6 support and quite compelling performance compared to where Zink was at earlier this year. Now it turns out he will continue with his Linux graphics adventures thanks to funding from Valve.

23 November 04:40 PM EST - Mesa - Mike Blumenkrantz - 38 Comments
Intel: AMD Weak On Battery-Powered Laptop Performance - But DPTF On Linux Still Sucks

Intel held a virtual event last week to basically plead their case that AMD Ryzen laptops are coming up short on battery-powered performance compared to their own offerings. It was all Windows focused, but at least given their emphasis now on battery performance gave me another opportunity to prod over the lackluster state of Intel DPTF support on Linux with it not being pleasant out-of-the-box and one of the few areas encumbered by blobs or lack of public documentation.

23 November 10:00 AM EST - Intel - Intel - Add A Comment
NVIDIA Releases Beta Driver With Khronos Vulkan Ray Tracing Support

While NVIDIA has supported its own vendor-specific Vulkan ray-tracing extension on Windows and Linux since the GeForce RTX GPUs originally debuted, they are moving quick to support the Khronos ray-tracing extensions for Vulkan given the industry adoption and games coming to market likely opting for using the KHR version.

23 November 09:54 AM EST - NVIDIA - Vulkan Ray-Tracing - 7 Comments
Wine 6.0 Release Preparations Begin In Two Weeks

With Wine on an annual stable release cadence for shipping new stable feature releases generally at the beginning of each calendar year after a year's worth of bi-weekly development snapshots, Wine 6.0 is due for release around January.

23 November 07:57 AM EST - WINE - Wine 6.0 - 11 Comments
Fedora 34 Might Try To Use PipeWire By Default To Replace PulseAudio/JACK

Red Hat for several years now has been working on PipeWire to overhaul audio/video stream management on Linux while being able to fill the duties currently managed by the likes of PulseAudio and JACK and being engineered with Wayland and Flatpak security in mind among other modern Linux technologies. With Fedora 34 next spring they may try to ship PipeWire by default in place of JACK, PulseAudio, and even legacy ALSA.

23 November 03:30 AM EST - Fedora - Fedora 34 PipeWire - 93 Comments
Reiser5 Stabilizing Its Logical Volume Functionality

This New Year's Eve will mark one year since the announcement of the in-development Reiser5 file-system. While the outlook for getting Reiser5 upstreamed into the mainline kernel remains murky given the out-of-tree status of Reiser4, Edward Shishkin does continue advancing this latest Reiser file-system iteration.

23 November 12:00 AM EST - Linux Storage - Reiser5 - 18 Comments
The 2020 US Thanksgiving / Black Friday Phoronix Premium Special

In marking the US Thanksgiving week, the Black Friday / Christmas shopping season, and just another week grinding away during the COVID-19 pandemic while seeing depressed ad rates on top of ad-block users hurting our ability to continue producing new and exciting Linux/open-source content, here is our Phoronix Premium special for the holidays to show your support while getting discounted access to enjoy the site ad-free, multi-page articles on a single page, and other benefits.

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22 November

F2FS With Linux 5.11 To Support Casefolding With Encryption

For over one year the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) has supported case-folding for optional case-insensitive file/folder support. The past number of years F2FS has also supported FSCRYPT-based file encryption. But now as we roll into 2021, support is finally seemingly ready for mainline in supporting casefolding with encryption enabled.

22 November 12:04 AM EST - Linux Storage - Linux 5.11 F2FS - 7 Comments

21 November

Intel C for Metal Compiler 1.0.20 Released

Within Intel's vast open-source software ecosystem and much of the attention being on oneAPI as their preferred programming model for developers these days and there being multiple different open-source Intel graphics compiler back-ends, one that is often forgotten about is the Intel C for Metal Compiler that on Friday saw a new release.

21 November 09:45 AM EST - Intel - Intel C for Metal Compiler - 7 Comments
AMDGPU Linux Driver Seeing A Lot Of Power Saving Optimization Work

In addition to squaring away the Radeon RX 6000 series RDNA 2 support and promoting the Arcturus support for the new GPU found within the AMD MI100 accelerator, this month AMD open-source Linux driver developers have been devoting a fair amount of work towards power optimizations.

21 November 06:49 AM EST - Radeon - AMDGPU Power Optimize - 34 Comments
X11 Library Sees Lots Of Fixes With libX11 1.7 Release

It's been seven years since the release of libX11 1.6.0 for this central X11 library while on Friday was replaced by the libX11 1.7 series. The release is primarily made up of fixes but leading to the version bump is a new API that allows for applications to recover from I/O error conditions rather than being forced to exit.

21 November 12:18 AM EST - X.Org - libX11 1.7 - 22 Comments

20 November

Apple M1 ARM Performance With A 2020 Mac Mini

For those curious about the hardware potential out of Apple's in-house M1 processor powering new Mac Book Pros and Mac Mini, for the past week we have been running benchmarks of this ARM-based processor and have a number of benchmarks to share today looking at how the performance compares to prior Intel-powered Macs along with the Rosetta 2.0 performance for running x86_64 binaries on ARMv8.

20 November 12:22 PM EST - Computers - 194 Comments
Mesa To Drop Support For Ancient Drivers

The fallout should be minimal and hopefully not impact any Phoronix readers, but as Mesa rolls into 2021 it is looking to drop support for loading DRI1 graphics drivers.

20 November 03:35 AM EST - Mesa - Ancient Drivers - 25 Comments

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