Further Exploring The Intel Tiger Lake Core i7-1165G7 Performance On Ubuntu Linux

Last week I published initial benchmarks of the Intel Core i7 1165G7 "Tiger Lake" performance on Linux with the Dell XPS 13 9310 Developer Edition laptop. Of most surprise from those preliminary Linux figures were finding that for some single-threaded workloads the performance was actually worse than the previous generation Ice Lake. Since then I've been running more tests around the clock with some interesting discoveries to note today. It is possible to enhance the single-threaded performance so it's performing better than Ice Lake as would be expected, but comes with lowering the multi-threaded performance compared to the results shared last week.

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18 October

Linux 5.10 Continues Maturing The USB4 Support

Earlier this year Linux 5.6 brought initial USB4 support by leveraging Intel's existing Thunderbolt kernel support for which the updated USB specification is based. Succeeding kernels have continued maturing this USB4 implementation and that has continued with Linux 5.10.

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New NTFS Linux Driver Spun A Ninth Time, Still Under Review

Back in August was the surprise that Paragon Software is looking to mainline their NTFS read-write driver in the mainline Linux kernel after years of offering it as a commercial driver for those needing reliable support for this Microsoft file-system on Linux. Two months later they are now up to their ninth revision of this driver in their pursuit of mainline inclusion.

18 October 12:03 AM EDT - Linux Storage - NTFS3 v9 - 33 Comments

17 October

More KDE Wayland Fixes Heading Into Plasma 5.20.1

This week marked the release of Plasma 5.20 while KDE developers continue working towards not only Plasma 5.21 as the next desktop feature release but also providing fixes for next month's Plasma 5.20.1 release and the growing collection of KDE applications.

17 October 10:52 AM EDT - KDE - More Wayland Fixes - 25 Comments

16 October

AMD Delivers Many Fixes For Polaris GPUs On Linux - Finally Enables ZeroRPM Fan Mode

It seems AMD's Linux graphics driver team is firing with precision on all cylinders these days. Not only have they been working on timely support for the Radeon RX 6000 "RDNA 2" / "Big Navi" Linux driver support ahead of the official launch and have the initial code already upstreamed in Linux 5.9, but they've even been going back with a number of fixes for older graphics processors.

16 October 06:34 AM EDT - Radeon - AMD Polaris Fixes - 60 Comments

15 October

AMD Secure Nested Paging IOMMU For SEV-SNP Lands In Linux 5.10

In addition to Linux 5.10 supporting SEV-ES as the "encrypted state" for AMD EPYC's Secure Encrypted Virtualization, this kernel is also adding Secure Nested Paging (SNP) support to the AMD IOMMU driver as part of their next-generation SEV-SNP security.

15 October 06:39 AM EDT - AMD - AMD SNP IOMMU - 3 Comments

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