GNU Linux-libre 5.8 Required A Lot Of Deblobbing

Linux 5.8 is one of the biggest releases in a while but that newly-stable kernel also means a lot of the new drivers need to be stripped out or otherwise modified over being reliant on binary-only firmware/microcode or contingent upon other dependencies deemed not free to the Free Software Foundation standards.

13 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - GNU Linux-Libre 5.8 - 13 Comments

2 August

1 August

Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip For Linux

While some platforms like Netmarketshare have reported increases month-over-month for Linux desktop usage, that doesn't appear to be translating similarly to the Linux gaming market-share, or at least not at the rate Steam is growing on Windows and macOS. Valve has just published their July 2020 numbers that are part of the Steam Survey.

1 August 08:49 PM EDT - Valve - July 2020 On Steam - 32 Comments
The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released

The Unigine Engine appears to be having great success in the engineering and simulation space more so than for the competitive game engine space, but in any case Unigine 2.12 is now out with this visually stunning engine delivering even more life-like visuals while continuing to be Linux-friendly.

1 August 12:08 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - Unigine Engine 2.12 - 3 Comments

31 July

MoltenVK Update Brings Vulkan To Apple's tvOS

The open-source MoltenVK portability layer has already been providing Vulkan support on Apple iOS and macOS by re-mapping the Vulkan API to Apple's Metal graphics framework. With today's update, Vulkan has now come to tvOS as well.

31 July 08:47 PM EDT - Vulkan - MoltenVK - 7 Comments
Eight Great Features Of Linux 5.8

If all goes well the Linux 5.8 kernel will be released as stable this weekend. Linus Torvalds last weekend expressed some uncertainty whether an extra release candidate would be required, but so far this week the kernel Git activity is light, thus for the moment at least is looking like 5.8 will be christened on Sunday.

31 July 01:00 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.8 Features - 21 Comments
"Speakup" Promoted Out Of Staging For Linux 5.9

The Speakup screen reader that is built into the kernel and allows for speaking all text printed to the text console from boot-up to shutdown for assisting blind individuals is now being promoted out of staging with Linux 5.9.

31 July 11:34 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Speakup Screen Reader - 20 Comments
X.Org's Latest Security Woes Are Bugs In LibX11, Xserver

The X.Org/X11 Server has been hit by many security vulnerabilities over the past decade as security researchers eye more open-source software. Some of these vulnerabilities date back to even the 80's and 90's given how X11 has built up over time. The X.Org Server security was previously characterized as being even worse than it looks while today the latest vulnerabilities have been made public.

31 July 09:54 AM EDT - X.Org - CVE-2020-14344 - 39 Comments
Wayland's Weston 9.0 Reaches Alpha

Weston 9.0 release preparations are getting underway. At least compared to the original Weston 9.0 release plans, this Wayland compositor is running about a month behind those plans but in any case the release is now making its way to reality.

31 July 03:08 AM EDT - Wayland - Weston 9.0 - 2 Comments
Intel PMT Framework + Tiger Lake Telemetry Support Updated For Linux

Back in May I wrote about Intel working on Platform Monitoring Technology or hardware telemetry capabilities that are coming with Tiger Lake. The Linux support continues to be worked on for this "PMT" functionality although it looks like the work won't be ready in time for the imminent Linux 5.9 kernel merge window.

31 July 12:00 AM EDT - Intel - Platform Monitoring Technology - 2 Comments

30 July

Systemd 246 Released With Many Changes

Systemd 246 is out today as the newest version of this dominant Linux init system and system/service manager. Systemd 246 has a lot of new functionality in time for making it into at least some of the autumn 2020 Linux distributions.

30 July 03:48 PM EDT - systemd - systemd 246 - 68 Comments
System76 Talks Up Their Forthcoming Linux Keyboard

Following in the steps of their hand-crafted Thelio desktops manufactured in-house in Colorado, Linux PC vendor System76 is also working to not only manufacture their own laptops but also other components like their own keyboard.

30 July 12:06 PM EDT - Hardware - System76 Keyboard - 34 Comments
Intel Celeron G5900 + Pentium Gold G6400 Benchmarks - Low-Price Comet Lake CPUs

While we have looked a lot at how the Core i9 10900K performs at the top-end of Intel's Comet Lake line-up as well as with the likes of the i5-10600K and i3-10100, here is our first look at the very bottom of the stack with the new Celeron and Pentium processors. Benchmarked today are the Celeron G5900 as a ~$40 processor and the Pentium Gold G6400 that retails for around $60 and compared against other low-end Intel and AMD processors as well as older Intel Core i3 CPUs.

30 July 10:20 AM EDT - Processors - 12 Comments

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