Mesa's Lima Driver Finally Implements OpenGL Shader Cache Support

While Mesa's Panfrost Gallium3D driver has been working out well for modern ARM Mali open-source graphics support, for the old Mali 400/450 series hardware there still is the "Lima" driver within Mesa that doesn't receive too much attention these days (just around 70 commits over the past year) but as its first work of 2021 saw an initial shader cache implementation.

4 Hours Ago - Mesa - Lima Shader Cache - 2 Comments

16 January

15 January

Ubuntu 21.04 To Expand The Use Of Phased Package Updates

With this spring's release of Ubuntu 21.04 there is more widespread use of "phased updates" for gradually rolling out new stable release updates to help avoid any regressions en masse from coming to light. For years the Ubuntu desktop has employed this phased updates strategy while now with it being plumbed into APT, Ubuntu Server and other versions will by default make use of phased updates.

15 January 06:26 AM EST - Ubuntu - Phased Updates - 8 Comments
Mesa's RADV ACO Adds Support For Rapid Packed Math

Hitting the Mesa tree when Mesa 21.0 was being branched (but looks like it will still make it now part of "staging/21.0") is support for AMD's "rapid packed math" with the RADV driver's ACO compiler back-end.

15 January 05:16 AM EST - Mesa - Rapid Packed Math - 38 Comments

14 January

Open-Source "Nouveau" Driver Now Supports NVIDIA Ampere - But Without 3D Acceleration

Patches were sent out today that provide the open-source Linux kernel "Nouveau" driver with support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series "Ampere" graphics cards. But at the moment there is no 3D acceleration and the developers are blocked still by signed firmware requirements, so it's basically just a matter of having kernel mode-setting display support.

14 January 08:20 PM EST - Nouveau - Nouveau Ampere - 55 Comments
Linux 5.12 To Allow Disabling Intel Graphics Security Mitigations

The Linux 5.12 kernel will allow optional, run-time disabling of Intel graphics driver security mitigations, which so far is just in regards to last year's iGPU Leak vulnerability. This i915.mitigations= module parameter control is being added as part of finally fixing the Haswell GT1 graphics support that was fallout from this mitigaion.

14 January 05:47 PM EST - Intel - i915.mitigations=off - 2 Comments
CloudLinux Announces AlmaLinux As Their 1:1 RHEL Fork, Alternative To CentOS

Following the surprise announcement last month that CentOS 8 will be discontinued at EOY2021 with CentOS Stream to be the new upstream for RHEL, several different organizations and developers have announced their intentions to create new community-oriented, open-source rebuilds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that will be free. One of the promising announcements so far has been from CloudLinux and today they have announced it as AlmaLinux.

14 January 10:19 AM EST - Operating Systems - AlmaLinux - 9 Comments
Following LTO, Linux Kernel Patches Updated For PGO To Yield Faster Performance

Clang LTO for the Linux kernel to provide link-time optimizations for yielding more performant kernel binaries (plus Clang CFI support) looks like it will land for Linux 5.12. With that compiler optimization feature appearing squared away, Google engineers are also working on Clang PGO support for the Linux kernel to exploit profile guided optimizations for further enhancing the kernel performance.

14 January 09:09 AM EST - LLVM - Clang PGO - 20 Comments
GCC 11 Is Moving Closer But Still Challenged By Many Regressions

GCC 11 is slated to enter "Stage 4" development at the end of this weekend after which only regression and documentation fixes will be permitted. The first GCC 11 stable release should be out in 2~3 months, but at the moment there is an increasing number of P1 regressions that are of the highest priority.

14 January 07:39 AM EST - GNU - GCC 11 - 7 Comments

13 January

Mesa 21.0-rc1 Released To Get The Quarterly Release Process Underway

While normally the feature branching and first release candidate for new Mesa3D quarterly releases doesn't begin until around the end of the first month of a new quarter, this time around with Mesa 21.0 it has begun today -- half-way through the month of January. This should at least ensure Mesa 21.0 stable ships in February rather than March. Mesa 20.3.3 was also released today as the newest stable version for the time being.

13 January 01:35 PM EST - Mesa - Mesa 21.0 - Add A Comment
Pat Gelsinger Is Going Back To Intel As New CEO

While Bob Swan has been the interim and then permanent CEO for less than three years at Intel, following much speculation heating up in recent weeks, Bob Swan is out and returning to Intel is Pat Gelsinger who will now lead as CEO.

13 January 09:54 AM EST - Intel - New Intel CEO - 19 Comments

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