Running Wayland On Ubuntu 11.10

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 August 2011. Page 2 of 4. 6 Comments

There's 11 sample Wayland demos that are provided by Ubuntu's current wayland-demos package, these include:

dnd - A simple client that demonstrates drag and drop support for Wayland.
eventdemo - A simple demonstration of handling user events within Wayland.
flower - Draws a simple flower using Cairo.
gears - Most people are familiar now with OpenGL "gears" demos.
image - This sample client allows images to be specified and loaded, using Cairo.
resizor - A Wayland window resizing demo.
screenshot - Want a screenshot of any of these simple Wayland activities?
simple-client - It's a simple client. Not really interesting for those that are solely end-users.
smoke - This Wayland client will draw "smoke" to the screen around the mouse.
terminal - A very simple terminal for Wayland.
view - A Poppler-based file viewer within Wayland.

None of these Wayland demos are custom client creations by Canonical, but are just some of what is available from the wayland-demos Git repository. Kristian Høgsberg, the founder of Wayland, and other developers, created these sample clients.

On the following pages is a closer look with demos of Wayland on Ubuntu 11.10 and more about when you can actually expect Wayland to play a useful role in the Ubuntu ecosystem. The testing in this article was done with an Intel Sandy Bridge notebook, which now plays nicely with the Ubuntu 11.10 development snapshots after having a poor experience in Ubuntu 11.04.

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