PathScale EKOPath 5.0 Beta Compiler Performance

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 9 February 2013. Page 3 of 4. 12 Comments

EKOPath 5.0 was in line with GCC 4.7 and 4.8 for performance with the sparse matrix multiply workload. LLVM/Clang 3.2 was faster than GCC and EKOPath. EKOPath 4.0 wasn't able to create a working SciMark2 build.

PathScale's EKOPath 5.0 had its first clear-cut win against GCC and LLVM/Clang when it came to the Dense LU Matrix Factorization.

EKOPath also performed competitively with its Jacobi Successive Over-Relaxation results where it beat out both GCC releases though it came in behind LLVM/Clang on the Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge system.

PathScale's compiler now worked for building TTSIOD 3D Renderer, but it was much slower than GCC.

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