OCZ Vertex SATA 2.0 60GB SSD

Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 22 May 2009. Page 7 of 9. 21 Comments

With the Flexible IO Tester we used the Intel IOMeter File Server Access Pattern and to no surprise the OCZ Vertex SSD was positioned in front. It took just 30 seconds to run the test for the Vertex SSD, 70 seconds for the 160GB Fujitsu 5400RPM HDD, 88 seconds for the 120GB Fujitsu 5400RPM HDD, and 105 seconds for the Super Talent SATA 2.0 SSD.

With the Threaded I/O Tester from the Phoronix Test Suite, the Vertex had the best performance with a latency of just 467 microseconds when performing 64MB writes using 32 threads. The Fujitsu drives had an average time of around 1,400 microseconds while the 16GB Super Talent was up at 3,485 microseconds.

When changing the target from 64MB writes to 64MB reads but sticking with the 32 threads, the OCZ Vertex was tied with the 120GB Fujitsu MHY2120B for delivering the best performance. The 160GB Fujitsu drive was just behind those two. The time for the STT_FTM16GL25H was doubled with a time of 10.33 microseconds.

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