OCZ Vertex SATA 2.0 60GB SSD

Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 22 May 2009. Page 6 of 9. 21 Comments

When running a one client Dbench instance, the 16GB Super Talent SSD had actually outperformed the 64GB OCZ Vertex SSD. The Vertex was averaged at 53.86MB/s while the Super Talent was at 70.02MB/s. The hard drives in this test performed quite poorly with each having a speed just over 8MB/s.

When upping the client count to twelve, the OCZ Vertex SSD regained its first place position. Running 12 clients via Dbench resulted in an average speed of 160MB/s for the OCZ SSD while the Super Talent SSD was at 102MB/s. The HDDs performed much slower at around 25MB/s.

The maximum number of Dbench clients we ran through the Phoronix Test Suite was 128 and here the OCZ Vertex SSD was the fastest while the STT_FTM16GL25H completely dropped off the radar with a speed of just 4MB/s, which was much slower than even the hard drives at 27~29MB/s.

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