OCZ Vertex SATA 2.0 60GB SSD

Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 22 May 2009. Page 4 of 9. 21 Comments

Starting off with the PostgreSQL test profile, the two Fujitsu hard drives delivered better performance than the solid state drives. The Super Talent SSD ran quite poorly with just 433 PostgreSQL transactions per second while the OCZ Vertex SSD was nearly triple that at 1,110 transactions per second. The Fujitsu drives each did around 1,400 transactions per second.

The OCZ Vertex drive took its first lead with the 2GB write performance in IOzone. The speed in this test configuration was nearly 184MB/s while the Super Talent SSD was at 64MB/s. Also coming in at 64MB/s was the Fujitsu 120GB HDD while the 160GB Fujitsu HDD was performing better at 82MB/s.

When increasing the write size to 4GB, the positions were maintained while the speeds were slower, obviously. The Vertex SSD was running at a modest 161MB/s while the 120GB Fujitsu and 16GB Super Talent were tied in last with 55MB/s and the 160GB Fujitsu in second with a speed of 70MB/s.

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