NVIDIA Tegra K1 Compared To AMD AM1 APUs

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 5 May 2014. Page 2 of 4. 68 Comments

The NVIDIA Jetson Tegra K1 in the first test, the computational Dolfyn workload, came in just behind the AMD Athlon 5150 -- the quad-core 1.6GHz APU. The 2.05GHz x86 quad-core Athlon 5350 was running noticeably faster than the Tegra K1.

With LAMMPS, the Jetson TK1 was running about the speed of an Athlon 5150. Of course, this is all about the raw Linux performance and this article isn't factoring in power consumption differences or looking at the performance of AMD's Radeon R3 Graphics compared to NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Kepler graphics -- it's all being worked on, but alas, I'm single-handedly doing 99% of the work at Phoronix.com, etc.

With the MAFFT multi-alignment using Fast Fourier Transform test, the Tegra K1 had its first win over all four AMD Sempron/Athlon AM1 APUs.

With SciMark's Monte Carlo test, the Jetson TK1 also came out ahead of all the APUs -- even the Athlon 5350.

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