Intel Kaby Lake Linux Testing With MSI's Cubi 2 Mini PC

Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 9 November 2016. Page 3 of 6. 25 Comments

Not too much of a huge surprise is the Kaby Lake graphics being much faster than Broadwell and older performance.

The HD Graphics 620 on this Core i5 7200U Cubi 2 was much faster than the Broadwell NUC with HD Graphics 5500.

With the early CPU performance benchmarks you can see how the Kaby Lake Core i5 Cubi 2 compares with big wins over the i3-5100U Broadwell as would be expected along with the Haswell Core i7 4600U Intense-PC2. The i7-4600U as a reminder has a clock turbo frequency of 3.3GHz while its base frequency is at 2.1GHz, compared to 2.5GHz base and 3.1GHz turbo for the i5-7200U. The i7-4600U also has a 4MB cache over 3MB on the Kaby Lake CPU being tested.

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