Where The Btrfs Performance Is At Today

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 9 June 2010. Page 3 of 4. 38 Comments

Btrfs beat out EXT4 with the read performance on the Intel SSD -- 226 vs. 256 MB/s -- and the performance spiked to 326MB/s when using the zlib compression.

Btrfs again outperformed EXT4 when running Dbench with a lone clent. Btrfs was faster by 71% and then 2.19x when using the file-system compression support. Using the no data copy-on-write option with the compression led to a drop in performance that led it to actually run much worse.

With FS-Mark when dealing with 1,000 files of 1MB size, Btrfs performed a bit slower than EXT4, but that was turned around when enabling the compression support.

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