Where The Btrfs Performance Is At Today

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 9 June 2010. Page 2 of 4. 38 Comments

Btrfs also suffered against PostgreSQL with its database performance where the EXT4 file-system was doing 1,400 transactions per second where as the Btrfs file-system was doing under 300 TPS in each scenario. With the compress mount option that uses zlib compression when writing data the performance had improved by 24%.

The performance of Btrfs was slowly creeping up to EXT4 in the initial create test for Compile Bench, but still it was 60MB/s with Btrfs versus 84MB/s with EXT4. Strangely, using the compress and compress,nodatacow options had led to a drop in performance.

The EXT4 and Btrfs performance with their default mount options led to the 8GB write performance in IOzone being close to the same speed. However, when enabling the file-system compression on Btrfs its performance had jumped significantly from about 80MB/s to over 200MB/s.

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