The Many Changes & Additions To Find With The Linux 5.2 Kernel

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File-Systems / Storage:

- Optional support for per-directory case-insensitive file/folder support for EXT4.

- Better SMR drive support for F2FS.

- The Andrew File-System (AFS) can now run the likes of Firefox and GNOME following some file-locking changes to satisfy SQLite databases.

- The Linux legacy IDE driver has been deprecated though this isn't IDE itself with the libATA-based IDE drivers still expected to stick around. The legacy IDE driver is expected to be removed in 2021.

- Useful fixes and improvements for Btrfs.

- A big pile of new stuff for XFS.

Other Hardware:

- Improved AMD Ryzen laptop support thanks to the new PCIe MP2 driver.

- Other laptop support improvements.

- Restored hibernation support for various Intel Baytrail/Cherrytrail systems.

- The GPIO vibrator driver was merged along with other input updates (

- Many media driver updates.

- Support for Intel Sound Open Firmware in the audio drivers.

- The NVIDIA AltMode driver was added for enabling VirtualLink device support with new Turing graphics cards that feature USB-C connections.

- Various USB improvements.

- The new Realtek RTW88 WiFi driver for different chipsets and a replacement to the RTLWIFI driver that was in staging but now removed.

- In addition to the Realtek RTW88 driver, other networking additions including a new Mediatek driver, Intel Dynamic Device Personalization, and various optimizations to existing drivers.

- Long out-of-tree Daktronics driver code was merged.

- Better Logitech wireless device support.

- The U2F Zero driver was added for that libre hardware device offering two factor authentication and hardware random number generator features.

- Improved Thunderbolt support on older Apple systems.

Other Kernel Happenings:

- Various KVM improvements.

- The merging of the NULL TTY driver.

- Linux 5.2's live-patching support now makes use of a GCC9 compiler feature that might have minor performance implications.

- Progress towards enabling -Wimplicit-fallthrough.

- The new Fieldbus subsystem is added for industrial controls.

- The "mitigations=" kernel parameter controls though this was back-ported to current stable kernel series with the introduction of the MDS/Zombieload mitigations.

- Zstd-compressed perf records.

- Also new is a Generic Counters infrastructure.

- A last minute change now is faster vmalloc performance.

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