Linux 5.19 Features: AMD SEV-SNP + Zen 4 Prep, Intel TDX + IFS, LoongArch, Big TCP, Apple M1 NVMe

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 6 June 2022. Page 2 of 3. 3 Comments

Graphics / Display:

- Nearly half a million lines of new code!

- A lot of new IP block enablement work for AMD RDNA3 graphics launching later this year along with next-gen CDNA Instinct accelerators.

- Intel DG2/Alchemist PCI IDs for "motherboard down" designs.

- Intel Raptor Lake P graphics support, building off the existing code paths.

- The compute engine ABI is now exposed for DG2/Alchemist hardware.

- A power quirk for DG2/Alchemist GPUs for hopefully ensuring PCIe Active-State Power Management (ASPM) gets successfully enabled.

- ASpeed AST driver support for DisplayPort.

- Rockchip VOP2 support.

- Support for a new entry-level RDNA2 "Beige Goby" variant.

- MediaTek Vcodec support for stateless VP8 and VP9 codecs.

File-Systems / Storage:

- Numerous notable Btrfs file-system improvements from sub-page support for any PAGE_SIZE greater than 4K to sub-page support for Btrfs native RAID 5/6 modes to other additions.

- Apple M1 NVMe controller support.

- A lot of new code for the XFS file-system.

- FAT16/FAT32 file creation/birth time reporting via the statx system call.

- NTFS3 kernel driver fixes have been merged for finally addressing some maintenance issues with this NTFS kernel driver contributed to the kernel last year by Paragon Software.

- Various F2FS enhancements and routine updates for EROFS and EXT4.

- NFSv3 Courteous Server support.

- eMMC support for using TRIM to zero-out sectors.

- Support for IDMAPPED layers with OverlayFS.

- A big performance fix for exFAT.

- Many IO_uring improvements.

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