Linux 4.7 Brings A Plethora Of New Features: AMD Polaris, ARM ASpeed, SGI UV4, Schedutil

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 29 May 2016. Page 2 of 3. 5 Comments

Processors / Platforms:

- A lot of new ARM platform support including the first mainline LG ARM platform (LG1312), ASpeed platform support that's widely used by baseboard management controllers, ARM's OXNAS-MPS2 prototyping platform, and other new SoC support. There's also DT additions for the Google Pixel C, ODROID C2, first-generation Amazon Kindle Fire, and GeekBox.

- Accumulated power reporting for AMD Carrizo APUs and newer.

- KVM SVM AVIC support for lowering the interrupt overhead of AMD x86 virtualization and thereby offering better AMD KVM virtualization performance for guests.

- SGI Ultravioleet UV4 platform support for this unreleased hardware.

- The Schedutil governor was added as the first new ACPI CPUFreq governor in a while and it's interesting in that it makes use of the kernel's scheduler utilization data when determining performance state/frequency changes. There is already my Linux 4.7 CPUFreq Schedutil Testing vs. P-State testing.

- Hibernate / suspend-to-disk for ARM64 was wired up at the architecture level.

- PMC driver for Intel Core SoCs.

Disks / File-Systems:

- The core block code now supports async discard.

- Btrfs and F2FS fixes.

- Many EXT4 bug fixes.

- Yep, bug fixes and improvements too for XFS.

- ZAC / shingled magnetic recording support with Zone ATA Command support and related work.

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