Intel Launches Xeon 6700E "Sierra Forest" CPUs - Initially Up To 144 Cores

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Intel Xeon 6 supports CXL Type 3 devices

The Intel Xeon 6 family does support CXL 2.0 Type 3 devices now along the rest of the expanded memory and connectivity capabilities over current Xeon Scalable 5th Gen processors. CXL Type 3 device support allows for more CXL memory capabilities and flat memory mode is also now supported.

Intel Xeon 6 Sierra Forest workloads

Again, the main focus with the Intel Xeon 6700E series is really on driving efficiency in the data center. The Intel Xeon 6700P/6900P is where they will really be focusing on the great performance.

Intel Xeon 6 E-cores lack AVX-512 and AMX

With the Xeon 6700E/6900E series processors there is AVX2 support but no AVX-512 support nor AMX. The software support for the Intel Xeon 6700E/6900E series is already in great shape on Linux and other platforms.

Intel Xeon 6 claims

Intel's performance metrics really show the Xeon 6700E story being around the much greater power efficiency while the raw performance can vary with the 5th Gen Xeon (Emerald Rapids) delivering better performance in Java throughput and slightly better performance in some areas while it's for the power efficiency where Intel Sierra Forest hits the home run.

Intel Xeon 6 Sierra Forest performance

Intel Xeon 6 performance

Or for those upgrading their servers on a five-year lifecycle, the Sierra Forest CPUs can deliver great performance and power efficiency while also allowing more consolidation in the data center thanks to the much higher core counts.

Intel Xeon 6 Sierra Forest against AMD EPYC

Intel did show material comparing their 128-core Xeon 6756E to the AMD EPYC 9534 processor. The Intel Xeon 6 E-core processor did trail in raw performance to EPYC Bergamo for some workloads or similar performance in others but with a common theme of seeing greater power efficiency on the Intel side.

Intel Xeon 6700E SKU table

The Intel Xeon 6 E-core CPUs available today range from the 144-core Xeon 6780E with a 2.2GHz base frequency and 3.0GHz turbo frequency at a 330 Watt TDP down to a 64-core Xeon 6710E mode with a 205 Watt TDP. The lower-end Xeon 6700E processors are limited to DDR5-5600 speeds rather than DDR5-6400. All of the Xeon 6 processors continue to support Intel's accelerator devices and TDX. Intel did not share any updates on any potential Xeon Max products for Xeon 6.

Intel Xeon 6700P in Q3

The Xeon 6700E series is exciting for power efficiency while being a benchmark-addict I am especially excited for the Granite Rapids Xeon 6900P processors shipping next quarter.

Intel Xeon 6 presentation for Computex 2024

That's the brief introduction to the Xeon 6 processor disclosure for Computex 2024. Let's move on now to the Intel Xeon 6700E benchmarking, continue reading in : Intel Xeon 6780E & Xeon 6766E 144-core Performance Benchmarks Review

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