Intel Core i7 7740X Preliminary Benchmarks On Linux

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 27 June 2017. Page 5 of 5. 16 Comments

More initial benchmarks via this result file.

Those are the initial Core i7 7740X benchmarks under Linux with a variety of workloads. The Core i7 7740X is faster than the i7-7700K, but by a small shot: the Kabylake-X CPU Has a 100MHz greater clock speed, but with the same turbo speed, same cache size. On the downside, the 100MHz base clock boost yields a 112 Watt TDP vs. 91 Watts. The i7-7740X supporting DDR4-2666 is also able to help in some workloads compared to DDR4-2133/2400 of the i7-7700K when not running in an overclocked mode. The i7-7740X Kabylake-X processor is currently retailing for about $350 USD while the Core i7 7700K is currently about $330 USD.

Obviously the Core i7 7740X isn't a logical upgrade for those currently on a Skylake/Kabylake system, but if you're buying a new motherboard (with X299 chipset), the i7-7740X offers some of the best single-threaded performance right now while costing basically the same as the i7-7700K.

The Ryzen 7 1800X was able to beat out the i7-7740X in the more heavily threaded workloads where the greater core/thread count was to its advantage while keeping in mind that current flagship AMD desktop processor retails for ~$440 USD.

The i7-7740X with new X299 chipset has been working out in my limited time so far using it under Ubuntu Linux. Other Linux kernel releases / distributions will be tested in short order along with some BSDs. Stay tuned for more Core i7 7740X Linux coverage in the days/weeks ahead including performance-per-Watt comparisons, GCC/Clang compiler comparisons. the aforementioned BSD testing, etc. There's also the Core i9 7900X Linux benchmarking coming up in a few hours. Thanks to Intel for these CPU review samples.

If you wish to see how your own Linux system(s) compare to this CPU, it's as easy as running the Phoronix Test Suite via phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1706271-TR-7740XKABY28 for your own fully-automated, side-by-side performance comparison.

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