9-Way Linux Desktop Distribution Benchmarks With The Intel Core i7 8086K

Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 9 July 2018 at 09:49 AM EDT. Page 4 of 5. 10 Comments.

openSUSE followed by Clear Linux and Fedora led with the Stockfish chess engine.

Solus and Clear Linux were the fastest at compiling the Linux kernel from source in a default x86_64 configuration.

Clear returned to a narrow first-place finish with the C-Ray multi-threaded ray-tracer.

Clear Linux and Solus (which utilizes some of Clear's optimizations and Solus leader Ikey was a previous Clear developer) is substantially faster than the other distributions with the LAME Mp3 encode performance.

Clear Linux is much faster than the others at Zstd file compression due to its Zstd implementation being tuned for multi-threading, etc.

Clear Linux was the fastest at its boot times of the Linux distributions tested. The boot time was measured to the GDM/log-in manager screen.

The faster boot time can be attributed to a quicker loading kernel and other optimizations.

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