Firefox 68 Performance Is Looking Good With WebRender On Linux

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 23 May 2019. Page 2 of 3. 40 Comments

Most dramatic in this testing was the MotionMark performance out of Firefox 68.0 Beta when enabling WebRender... For this benchmark it's a night and day difference performance-wise.

Also benefiting but much less with WebRender on Firefox 68 was the Basemark benchmark, which is about 3% faster.

The ARES-6 performance improved in Firefox 67 but is flat with Firefox 68 Beta. Of course, WebRender principally benefits the DOM/graphics tests and for the JavaScript benchmarks won't mean much unless any peculiarities in the code path.

The aging Octane benchmark saw a regression in Firefox 67.0 but is recovering somewhat in the Firefox 68.0 Beta.

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