20-Way NVIDIA/AMD GPU Darktable OpenCL Photography Performance

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 28 November 2016. Page 2 of 4. 28 Comments

The system/darktable test profile is new to the Phoronix Test Suite / OpenBenchmarking.org. This test profile relies upon the system-supplied Darktable and for this benchmarking I was using Darktable 2.2-RC1 via a PPA on Ubuntu 16.04. The test profile contents are shown here and supports CPU-only and OpenCL modes. There are three example scenarios shipped by this test profile.

The "boat" scene is one that's been publicly available for a while on the Darktable mailing list and used for benchmarking. This is a nice, realistic scene with Darktable and great for benchmarking while the two others are basic ones I setup simply for benchmarking.

The "masskrug" scene isn't particularly real-world, but with my limited Darktable experience, was basically working to keep the software as busy as possible.

The "server room" scene is yet another example of my limited talent with Darktable and basically trying to provide much work for Darktable.

Let's look at the results...

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