Calxeda EnergyCore ECX-1000 ARM Server

Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 17 October 2012. Page 2 of 5. 11 Comments

The first public Calxeda ECX-1000 benchmarks on Phoronix is some single-node results when benchmarking the 1.1GHz and 1.4GHz processor variants. In addition, I was able to test both Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Ubuntu 12.10.

These results are just from a single quad-core node of both the 1.1GHz and 1.4GHz variants. Aside from the clock frequency, both ECX-1000 nodes were identical with 4GB of RAM and they were each connected to a 250GB Samsung disk drive.

Ubuntu is one of Calxeda's preferred Linux operating systems for their ARM server hardware and with next week's release of Ubuntu 12.10 the performance is going up even more for the ECX-1000 EnergyCore cards. Ubuntu 12.10 ships with the Linux 3.5 kernel and GCC 4.7.2 compared to Ubuntu 12.04's Linux 3.2 and GCC 4.6.

Calxeda ECX-1000: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS vs. Ubuntu 12.10

Forthcoming in Phoronix articles over next few days will be expanded test results beyond just single-node tests. There are also performance-per-Watt numbers to show since that is where the real advantage of the Calxeda hardware is at with delivering greater power efficiency than Intel and AMD x86 products.

Thanks to the Phoronix Test Suite and, it's very easy to compare your x86 or ARM hardware's performance to these Calxeda 1.1GHz and 1.4GHz quad-core ARM server results. Simply run: phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1210165-RA-CALXEDAUB31 to facilitate a fully-automated side-by-side comparison.

On the following pages are these initial Calxeda ECX-1000 results in full.

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