Btrfs, EXT4 & ZFS On A Solid-State Drive

Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 9 August 2010. Page 3 of 4. 20 Comments

Switching from 8GB writes to 8GB read, the performance of Btrfs and EXT4 were similar on the HDD, but with the SSD the less-mature Btrfs file-system pulled off with the lead. On the SSD, Btrfs was about 23% faster than the EXT4 file-system.

Dbench is especially slow on traditional hard drives, but solid-state drives are able to handle this test without any problems. Interestingly, however, the EXT4 file-system even without any SSD-specific optimizations was able to be a much stronger competitor to Btrfs. EXT4 here was 37% faster than Btrfs.

EXT4 packed another win under its belt with the SSD when it came to the FS-Mark test profile where it handled 135 files/second while Btrfs was at 107 files/second. However, when both file-systems were on the 7200RPM HDD, the performance was virtually indifferent.

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