A Deep Dive Into The AMD/Intel CPU + NVIDIA GPU Performance With Blender 2.90

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 3 September 2020. Page 2 of 6. 9 Comments

First up as taking three different systems with the Ryzen 9 3900XT, Core i9 10980XE, and Threadripper 3960X to see how the Blender 2.82 performance compares to the newly-released Blender 2.90 for the CPU rendering performance.

With the well known BMW scene, across the three CPUs for this testing the Blender 2.90 release shaved off a few seconds in render time.

The Classroom scene meanwhile was actually taking longer to render on Blender 2.90 compared to 2.82.

With the Fishy Cat scene was much faster rendering with Blender 2.90.

Barbershop rendered in roughly the same amount of time except slightly longer on the Core i9 10980XE box.

Lastly for Pabellon Barcelona it ended the five scenes tested with another nice improvement in Blender 2.90 performance compared to 2.82.

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