ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC USB-C Portable Monitor

Written by Michael Larabel in Monitors on 28 June 2017. Page 3 of 4. 23 Comments

The MB16AC ZenScreen has been working out surprisingly well with Ubuntu 16.04 and the DisplayLink 1.3.54 driver. It's now easy to have a secondary monitor for a laptop when sitting outside, at the dinner table, and basically anywhere else. It's incredibly portable and you can easily take the screen with you.

The response time for the ZenScreen is decent, but begins to lag if typing above roughly 50 WPM or quickly moving around windows. For most use-cases, the ZenScreen should be sufficient while in cases like watching a video it's on the borderline of a good experience. Certainly if you want a secondary display to watch a video and quality isn't your primary concern, it's great responsiveness. For basic web browsing and other desktop tasks, it works out fine aside from the annoyance of the delay when typing very fast.

If using the ZenScreen as a secondary display for presentations, it works out very well.

My wife always prefers two displays when doing her web development work and she has appreciated the ZenScreen so far in her testing. The ZenScreen has been working out fine for her use-cases and enjoys being able to work now from outside or nearly anywhere with enough table space to position the secondary display.

I did also try the ZenScreen on a macOS system and it worked fine there. In fact, the display appeared to be more responsive under macOS than Linux.

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