AMDGPU-PRO Radeon RX 460/470/480 vs. NVIDIA Linux GPU Benchmarks

Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 17 August 2016. Page 1 of 6. 94 Comments

Last week I published an 18-way GPU Linux comparison featuring the new Radeon RX 460 and RX 470 graphics cards along with other AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. The Radeon tests were done using the very latest open-source Linux driver stack while in this article are similar benchmarks done but using the AMDGPU-PRO hybrid driver stack.

The latest AMDGPU-PRO driver stack was used for benchmarking. The AMDGPU-PRO compatible cards that were tested for this comparison were the Radeon R7 260X, R9 285, R9 290, R9 Fury, RX 460, RX 470, and RX 480. Tests were done on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the Linux 4.4 kernel.

Tests done on the NVIDIA side with the latest 367.35 binary driver were the GeForce GTX 950, GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080.

AMDGPU-PRO RX 400 Polaris Update

All of the OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan benchmarks were carried out in a fully-automated and standardized manner using the open-source Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software. Following these results, the next comparison coming out later this week is a side-by-side look comparing the latest AMD open-source driver performance to the newest AMDGPU-PRO release. If you like all of the Linux hardware testing carried out at Phoronix, please subscribe to Phoronix Premium to make more tests possible.

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