Tagan ITZ 1300W & Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W

Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 12 October 2007. Page 6 of 6. 1 Comment


These two power supplies both performed very well, but Thermaltake's ToughPower 1200W steals the show. It is incredibly stable and very stylish. The 14cm fan moves a ton of air and stays at very quiet noise levels. Even when it was trying to cool itself down after being unventilated, the fan was fairly quiet. Most of the sound was from the huge amounts of air it was pushing through the ToughPower. The ThermalTake performed just as we would have expected a kilowatt unit to perform. None of the rails budged (12V rail did budge .01V). It basically scoffed at the test system used. The Tagan unit performed well also, but the rails did fluctuate, which should not happen with such a modest test system attached to it. If you're looking for bling factor, the Tagan ITZ is a very good choice. The paint job is simply stunning. Reflections are flawless on the unit. The Tagan ITZ definitely has the "WOW" factor going for it.

The Tagan ITZ 1300W and Thermaltake ToughPower W0133RU 1200W are available for $399.99 USD and $389.99 USD respectively from many popular Internet retailers. This is a steep price to pay, but if you are going to run SLI or Crossfire, it would be a worthy investment. As power requirements have been escalating, people are constantly forced to upgrade their power supplies. Either one of these should be fairly future proof. The Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W is taking home the Phoronix Editor's Choice Award for its superior quality and excellent performance. On the other hand, the Tagan ITZ 1300W received a score of 8 out of 10.

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