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Written by KoalaBR in Display Drivers on 26 September 2007. Page 4 of 4. 2 Comments

After two days he got it working so far, that no lockups occurred, that X found most of the important card context data. But still X crashed after resume with a DMA hang.

Some short topics:
- pq is now the official maintainer of MMioTrace. He already fixed some log writing bugs and has plans for additional module parameters.
- XAA support was finally removed.
- Fedora 8 now has up to date (well as of 20.09.2007) nouveau bits, thanks to airlied.
- Also thanks to airlied, most of the changes for TTM requested by our project are done.
- Marcheu and Darktama were at the Developer Summit
- On PPC context switches with a NV17 are broken. Marcheu expressed interest in fixing it. He thought that the breakage was due to notifiers moving out of VRAM to PCI space. A quick patch and a test later, PPC was working again.

One last topic: We are really trying to support all NVidia cards from Riva TNT (NV04) on. But during the last weeks we had to realize that we can't do EXA on NV04. It basically boils down to the fact that the NV04 can't do rectangle textures, only tiled textures, which don't fit well within EXA.

To accelerate EXA via 3D engine, we would need to combine / blend tiles, which we don't have as EXA gives us a number of surfaces that are not tiled. NV04's 3D engine however expects tiled surfaces as source. We would have to tile the source surfaces on the fly which is a complex thing to do. To all NV04 users out there: We are really sorry.

BTW: "real" NV04s (Nvidia TNT 1) do not work with nouveau yet because they lack some methods that are to be implemented in software. Darktama wants to implement software methods for NV50, so ahuillet is waiting for him to push that to add NV04 support in nouveau.

Help Needed

Please do test randr 1.2 modes and report back to stillunknown or bk

PPC issues should be reported to marcheu.

Thank You

In itself the TiNDC is not only a summary of the work done but a thank you to the dedicated work of our developers too. But this time we got some hardware donations for which we would like to say thank you:

This time a short thank you to evanfraser for supplying us with a few (real) Quadro cards (NV3x). One of those is in the hand of Darktama already another one was "acquired" by our fearless project leader. And thanks for supplying ahuillet with NV04, NV05, NV11, and NV15 cards. Thank you unbeliever and andreasn.

All developers are already slaving away and trying to add support for those cards :)

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